Secure online order

  Why is the online payment by credit card so reliable ?

Entering its bank references through the online  form is quite safe. As a matter of fact :

 - when choosing this way of payment, you proceed like all our customers paying by card without any risk of fraud ;

 - this is due to the fact that Alapage we use the SSL security standard, mostly prevalent as far as reliable electronic dealings are concerned : in concrete terms, your confidential data are transmitted encrypted to our server (16-figure number, bank, date of validity) and no intermediary can have access to them.

If, in spite of the above, you prefer to use other ways of payment, you have the choice :

- You can fax your bank card number to +33 4 77 41 53 58. Of course, this way of payment is samely secure.

- You can also send a bank cheque - drawn in Euros (without omitting to join your form).